We Are Spiketrap

We are creators, inventors, problem solvers, and dreamers driven to create audience understanding at scale. Together, we are helping the entertainment and video game industries attain a clear view of the conversations that move their audiences.

If you also believe innovation and growth begin with understanding, please check out our open positions below!

Open Roles

  • Senior Frontend Engineer

    Join our Frontend team as we push boundaries in self-serve dashboards, data visualization, and customization UI for the analytics industry.

  • Senior Backend Engineer

    Join our backend team, and together, we will help grow and scale Spiketrap systems as we grow into new verticals — having fun in the process.

Spiketrap Perks

  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • 401k
  • Flexible WFH
  • Unlimited PTO

Our Values

Stay Humble

Success isn’t a single player game. Embrace teamwork, show gratitude, and stay humble.

Be Mindful

Let’s create a positive imprint on the world by aiming to assist and caring with candor.

Embrace Diversity

Growth is possible when we embrace diversity of thought and are open to the unknown.

Seek Truth

Communicate candidly & honestly, pursue utmost accuracy, and always seek the truth.

Keep Curious

Clarity requires perspective. Explore every possibility, listen intently, and never stop learning.

Create Credibility

Pursue projects with fidelity, ensuring all that we do is reliable, functional, and credible.

Embody Ingenuity

Never stop improving! Embrace a bias for action and innovation. Scrappiness is happiness.

Be Fearless

Breaking boundaries requires exploring uncharted territories, so be fearless and adapt!

Take Ownership

We depend on and empower one another to take ownership of projects and see them through.