Kieran Seán Fitzpatrick

Founder & CEO

Virgilio Pigliucci

Founder & CTO

Andrea Vattani

Founder & Chief Scientist

Mike Owen

Chief of Business

Eric Franklin

VP of Product

Barbie Koelker

VP of Marketing

Colan Neese

VP of Business Development

Daniele Tessaro

Software Architect

Kate Schenk

Ops & Admin Manager

Alex La

Customer Success

Parviz Mansoori

Technical Account Manager

Ryan Cunningham

Product Manager

Maggie Getova

Content Marketing Manager

Leonardo Candidi

Visual Designer

Daniel Peters

Software Engineer

Tom Lambert

Software Engineer

Tiziano Pigliucci

Software Engineer

Pavel Dolin

Software Engineer

Flavio Perri

Software Engineer

Alessandro Tiberi

Software Engineer

Luc d’Hauthuille

ML Engineer

Vincenzo Martello

Software Engineer

Join the Team

Spiketrap is hiring! Explore our open positions, learn about our culture, and check out our perks.

  • Senior Applied Scientist

    Join our Science team, and together we’ll solve complex problems at the intersection between natural language and data visualization.

  • Senior Frontend Engineer

    Join our Frontend team as we push boundaries in self-serve dashboards, data visualization, and customization UI for the analytics industry.

  • Senior Backend Engineer

    Join our backend team, and together, we will help grow and scale Spiketrap systems as we grow into new verticals — having fun in the process.