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New Campaign Reporting Tool: Measure Creator Performance

By |June 1, 2022|Categories: Feature Updates|Tags: |

Discover impactful and AI-powered measurement of creator campaigns with our newly revealed Campaign Reports Tool, available now via a pilot program for existing Spiketrap clients.  This premium custom reporting tool delivers a visual analytics dashboard specific to your campaign, based on user-identified elements such as creators, topics, and entities. The report output was intentionally designed to highlight [...]


Custom Reporting Portal Receives Enhanced User Interface

By |May 31, 2022|Categories: Feature Updates|Tags: |

To enhance and streamline the reporting experience, Spiketrap released a carefully renovated user interface (UI) for our Custom Reporting Portal – accessible now by all platform users. Custom Reporting at Spiketrap delivers a visual analytics dashboard based on a unique, user-created query. The resulting dashboard – which has been optimized and enriched as part of this update [...]


Global Custom Reporting: Industry-Wide Gaming Insights

By |April 19, 2022|Categories: Feature Updates|Tags: |

Spiketrap users can now discover audience insights and trends across the gaming and entertainment ecosystem with the new Global Custom Reporting tool – part of our continuously innovated Custom Reporting Portal. Custom Reporting at Spiketrap takes a unique user-created query and delivers a visual analytics dashboard showcasing metrics including: audience sentiment, brand safety, engagement, and more. [...]


New: Custom Reporting for Exclusive Sources

By |March 22, 2022|Categories: Discord Insights, Feature Updates|Tags: , , |

Visual Analytics Reporting for Discord, Facebook & Instagram Quickly and easily pull strategic analytics reports for channels like Discord, Facebook, and Instagram through the new addition of Exclusive Sources reporting within Spiketrap’s Custom Reporting Portal. Exclusive Sources refer to user-owned profiles integrated within Spiketrap at the user’s discretion. Through this optional integration, users gain access to data [...]


New Unified Custom Reporting Portal

By |January 6, 2022|Categories: Feature Updates|Tags: |

Being able to quickly and easily find the information you need – and, even better, to have that information curated into one intuitive report – is essential to making swift, informed, and strategic decisions.  Spiketrap’s SaaS platform allows users to do exactly that, empowering information discovery through our intuitive custom reporting tools. In our latest platform update, [...]

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