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Know Your Impact: Owned vs. Earned Tool

By |April 6, 2022|Categories: Feature Updates|Tags: , , |

Gaming and entertainment marketers can now better understand the impact of owned social and streaming channels with the new Owned vs. Earned tool within the Spiketrap analytics platform. Owned vs. Earned User Benefits With Spiketrap’s Owned vs. Earned tool, users are empowered to: Compare the performance of content posted in connection to company accounts (owned [...]


New: Custom Reporting for Exclusive Sources

By |March 22, 2022|Categories: Discord Insights, Feature Updates|Tags: , , |

Visual Analytics Reporting for Discord, Facebook & Instagram Quickly and easily pull strategic analytics reports for channels like Discord, Facebook, and Instagram through the new addition of Exclusive Sources reporting within Spiketrap’s Custom Reporting Portal. Exclusive Sources refer to user-owned profiles integrated within Spiketrap at the user’s discretion. Through this optional integration, users gain access to data [...]


Better Analyze Your Social Engagement With Spiketrap’s New Exclusive Sources Feed

By |April 13, 2021|Categories: Discord Insights, Feature Updates|Tags: |

Understanding your community requires a cohesive view of audience engagement across platforms, including the channels you directly manage and those you don’t.  Already, Spiketrap has provided marketers with unparalleled insight into audiences across top platforms and channels. Today, Spiketrap makes it easier than ever to analyze engagement across your owned channels as well with the roll out [...]

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