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Contextual Targeting Segments

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Amplify your digital marketing relevance and performance with AI-powered contextual targeting options – exclusively from Spiketrap.

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Contextual advertising with Spiketrap AI-powered contextual targeting

Supercharge Your Digital Ad Targeting

Connect with the right audiences

Our contextual segments are designed to connect your advertising campaigns with high affinity, relevant, and precision-matched gaming audiences – ensuring you reach to the right gamers, in the right places. Segmentation options include:

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Engage in ideal settings with precision-matched targeting.

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Expand reach & deliverability with highly relevant inventory.

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Reach the right people, powered by contextual & behavioral signals.

Custom audience packages also available through Xandr Curate. Inquire today to learn more.

Meet the goals of your campaigns

Our AI-powered video game audience segments are designed to support your campaign goals.

Reach Fandoms

Segment Types:
Companies &

Use Cases: Want to target Xbox fans? Looking to hit the same target audience as PlayStation? Target audiences based on current affinity.

Sample Segments

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Target Competitors

Segment Types:
Genres &

Use Cases: Will your game or product appeal more to adventure gamers or puzzle lovers? Genre and domains target by gamer interest.

Sample Segments

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Grow Awareness

Segment Types:
Games &

Use Cases: Looking to expand your reach popular and well-known game or franchise fandoms? Target audiences by specific titles.

Sample Segments

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Find these segments and more under Xandr > Spiketrap

Achieve unparalleled ad performance

Harness audience segments shown to expand contextual targeting reach and CTRs.

130% More Reach

per ad dollar spent over other contextual solutions.

10X Higher CTRs

than industry display & video benchmarks.

Source: Spiketrap agency client contextual targeting test campaign on leading DSP, Q2 2021.

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Connect with us today to explore how Spiketrap could elevate your digital marketing performance.

Learn More

Connect with us today to explore how Spiketrap could elevate your ad performance.

Discover the Spiketrap Advantage

How our AI-powered contextual intelligence helps you reach the right gamers

  • Unparalleled industry expertise in gaming – better reach gamers with AI-powered video game audience analysis, completed using the industry’s most expansive gaming knowledge graph.

  • Optimized and continuously updated our proprietary NLP AI updates against 3 times more data than keyword-based solutions.

  • Accurate classification of unstructured content providing unparalleled context for video game audience segmentation using user-generated content.

  • Safe online ad placements – powered by Spiketrap’s Brand Safety Suite, which vets against profane, sexual, and toxic content.

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