Contextual Advertising

Introducing Contextual 3.0

Ad engagement begins with audience understanding.

Elevate campaign performance with the only contextualization platform built for today’s audiences and optimized for the creator economy.

Clair Accuracy

Reach audiences in the right context, powered by Clair AI. Our unparalleled knowledge graph in gaming and entertainment ensures placement relevancy, no matter how complex the IP or ambiguous the terms.

Real relevance
in real-time
with Clair™

“Words matter when content creators and influencers are streaming or posting. Spiketrap can monitor those conversations in real time, so we can give our brands peace of mind that we can make adjustments quickly and efficiently to keep them safe.”

Jeff Griffith
Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Gaming Community Network

Elevating the Ad Ecosystem

For Advertisers

AI-powered dynamic audience segments and robust brand safety controls ensure effective, relevant, and safe ad delivery.

For Platforms

Maximize supply side potential by pairing high velocity content with fluid audience interest, improving ad relevance and performance.

For Publishers

AI-powered dynamic content labeling and safety validation ensures quality inventory enjoys optimal relevant ad fill.

“As advertisers seek to lock in their cookie-free tactics, our solution through our collaboration with Spiketrap provides a better mechanism to reach granular gaming audiences in a cookie-free manner at scale.”

Rachel Gantz
General Manager, Activation Services


Reach More Relevant People

Accurate targeting shouldn’t affect campaign delivery. With Spiketrap Audiences, you can reach the right people, at scale, and on budget.

Efficiency in Action

In a recent agency test, Spiketrap drove 130% more reach per ad dollar spent than other targeting solutions, on average.

Test was conducted on a leading DSP, targeting a niche gaming audience across desktop & mobile. Spiketrap delivered 130% more unique reach per ad dollar than other targeting methodologies tested, on average, and 56% more reach than the closest competitor. Those reached via Spiketrap targeting also engaged at higher rates.

Let’s Talk

Explore how Spiketrap could elevate your ad performance.

Let’s Talk

Explore how Spiketrap could elevate your ad performance.

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