Campaign Impact Reporting

Know Your Impact

Attain campaign clarity with a comprehensive view of audience sentiment, engagement, and brand lift.

Measure True Lift

Know the true lift generated by your campaign with impact reporting that offers:

  • Moment-level clarity of spikes and why they happened, including engagement, sentiment, and brand safety.

  • An honest view of your entire audience, outside echo chambers and without panel participation bias.

  • Full halo effect visibility with AI-powered attribution that captures 3 times the signals of traditional measurement.

Reliable Brand Safety

Verify the safety of any campaign, conversation, or audience with Spiketrap’s brand safety measurement, offering:

  • Unparalleled Precision. Our safety suite out-performs leading solutions, capturing more unsafe content while minimizing false positives.

  • Relevant Understanding. Layered content tagging provides greater granularity, letting you focus on the safety concerns that matter for your campaigns.

  • Intuitive Letter Grading. Easily understand the comparative safety of any audience environment.

  • Fair Scoring. Grades are distributed on a curve, providing a fair representation of conversation health.

Spiketrap Leads in Brand Safety Precision

Based on a test processing a sample set of 22,309 messages on Reddit using Fortune 500 blocklists, Google’s Perspective API, and Spiketrap’s brand safety API. Precision score reflects accuracy in identifying hateful content.

Get Insights on Demand

Intuitive Tools

Understand the audience and brand impact of any collection of stream events with intuitive reporting tools.

Clear Lift Measurement

Know your impact with campaign lift reports covering engagement, sentiment, safety, halo effects, and more.

Let’s Talk

Take a tour and explore how Spiketrap could help your team.

Let’s Talk

Take a tour and explore how Spiketrap could help your team.

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