AI-Powered Insights

Discord Analytics

Better understand your Discord server, channels, and users with the Spiketrap gaming analytics platform.

Capture Clarity & Impact With Server-Wide Insights

Gain instant and actionable community insight with Spiketrap’s exclusive Discord user analytics tools.

Review analytics across your entire server – or drill-down into channel-by-channel metrics for more nuanced understanding.

Discord Insights Server-Wide Analytics Channel Insights

Insights Include

  • Server-wide summaries

  • Channel-level reporting

  • Comprehensive engagement metrics

  • Minute-by-minute sentiment

  • Clear brand safety reporting

  • Top terms and topics

  • Related contextual mentions

  • Emote and emoji analysis

Exclusive AI-Powered Discord Server & User Analytics

Backed by an unmatched gaming and entertainment knowledge graph.

Accurate Sentiment Analysis

Discover how your audience and community truly feel with message and phrase-level sentiment analysis.

Conversation Trend Analysis

Discord Insights conversation trends and channel topics

Quickly see what topics, themes, or brands are trending across your server and channels with AI-curated Conversation Cards.

Community Brand Safety

Know where and when issues arise with active safety features that accurately identify and monitor for unsafe content.

Impact Metrics

User and Channel Engagement Discord Insights

See the volume of significant audience conversation – without noise – with Impact Engagement and Impact Sentiment.

See the Insights

Spiketrap is a must-have tool for engaged Discord community managers – or any brand with an active server. See why.

See the Insights

Spiketrap is a must-have tool for engaged Discord community managers – or any brand with an active server. See why.

Discover Tools Built for Gaming & Entertainment

The insights don’t stop at Discord. Spiketrap offers various AI-powered tools helping brands, platforms, developers, and more better understand and connect with their audiences.
spiketrap data analytics tool gaming analytics platform and insights dashboard

Insights Platform

Discover the impact of visual analytics dashboards specific to your brand, as well as competitive intelligence, livestream and creator insights, and more – across 700+ sources.

contextual advertising for gaming with contextual segments gaming target audiences and media solutions

Contextual Ad Targeting

Grow your awareness within the gaming ecosystem and reach the right gamers – in the right places – with gaming-specific advertising segments, available through major DSPs.

Powerful Reporting

Visually see the results of your campaigns, launches, sponsorships, etc. with our robust contextual reporting tools – allowing you to customize the data output to align with your marketing.