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Summer of Gaming 2021


E3 2021: Day 3 Highlights

Audience sentiment fell a bit during day 3 of E3 2021. Overall sentiment on social channels rests at 68/100, which is down 12 points from yesterday. Similarly, overall sentiment on streaming platforms now rests at 63/100, which is down 7 points from yesterday.

Top conversations discussed today have included:

  • Anticipation around Super Smash Bros (75/100 sentiment)
  • Legend of Zelda speculations (81/100 sentiment)
  • Capcom’s presentation (51/100 sentiment)
  • Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney (96/100 sentiment)
  • DLC for RE: Village (56/100 sentiment)
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E3 2021: Day 2 Highlights

Top level audience sentiment was a bit higher today on social channels, registering at 80/100 on social platforms and 70/100 on streaming.

Notable conversations discussed today have included:

  • Microsoft & Bethesda showcase (79/100 sentiment)
  • Square Enix & Marvel (58/100 sentiment)
  • Square Enix & Final Fantasy (69/100 sentiment)
  • Halo Infinite Multiplayer (91/100 sentiment)
  • Hades coming to Xbox (97/100 sentiment)

Today, community brand safety across social and streaming platforms reached near equilibrium, as more toxic content was posted on social and less was shared via stream chat.

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Highlights from the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase

Audience reactions for the event were positive, enjoying an overall audience sentiment score of 82/100 on social channels and 76/100 in live chat environments.

A few of the top conversations surrounding the Xbox & Bethesda showcase today have included:

  • Starfield (77/100 sentiment)
  • Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer (95/100 sentiment)
  • Battlefield 2042 gameplay (91/100 sentiment)
  • Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds 2 (92/100 sentiment)
  • Eiyuden Chronicles coming to Game Pass (98/100 sentiment)
  • 15 player lobbies in Among Us (72/100 sentiment)
  • Redfall by Arkane Studios (94/100 sentiment)

Audience discussions of the Xbox & Bethesda showcase were relatively safe, with an overall community brand safety rating of A- on social channels and B+ on streaming platforms.

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E3 2021: Day 1 Highlights

Audience reactions to E3 2021 across social channels was solidly positive, with an overall sentiment score of 79/100 and an impact sentiment score that closely followed suit at 76/100.

Meanwhile, top level audience sentiment was modestly positive on streaming platforms at 68/100. Notably, impact sentiment on streaming channels was higher at 77/100, bringing it to parity with impact sentiment on social.

Given the prevalence of unsafe content on streaming channels as compared to social, the discrepancy in top level sentiment across channels is unsurprising.

Brand safety was another area that saw significant differences between social and streaming channels. Audience engagement on streaming channels were rather unsafe on Day 1 of E3 2021, with an overall community brand safety rating of D.

Conversations across social channels, meanwhile, were considerably safer, enjoying an overall community brand safety rating of B-, which was weighed down primarily by profanity.

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Ubisoft Forward Drives Audience Conversations

Ubisoft’s event generated significant audience engagement across social and streaming platforms, resulting in nearly 800K unique messages on June 12th alone.

Interestingly, the impact ratio on streaming platforms was rather high (at 36.4%), signaling that stream audiences were engaged in quality discussions about the event.

Overall, the event was relatively well-received, enjoying a sentiment score of 74 on social channels and 71 on streaming channels. More interesting, however, was the fact that impact sentiment — a measure of the sentiment of impactful engagement — was higher than top level sentiment.

As impact sentiment weeds out superficial commentary, this metric is typically lower. However, as impact sentiment was several points higher on both social and streaming platforms for this event, it is fair to say that Ubisoft’s presentation more effectively swayed active audience members than it may have gotten credit for.

To lean why the event was successful, check out the Ubisoft Forward monitor on the Spiketrap platform.

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Fans React to Rainbow Six Extraction

Overall audience reactions to Rainbow Six Extraction were positive, with a sentiment score of 71/100 on social channels and 74/100 on streaming platforms.

While many fans reacted positively to the cinematic trailer (with a sentiment score of 69/100) and were thankful for the gameplay deep dive, some expressed frustration (with a sentiment score of 27/100) that the game felt like an expansion of Rainbow Six Outbreak.


Highlights from Day 2 of the Guerrilla Collective Showcase

Overall, reactions to day 2 of the Guerrilla Collective Showcase were quite positive. Audience sentiment registered at 80/100 on social channels and 78/100 on within live stream environments.

Audience engagement for this event was a bit lower than other events today, with 106K messages shared on streaming platforms. That said, chat activity was substantive, with live streams enjoying an engagement impact ratio of 33.2%.

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Reactions to the Rocksmith+ Reveal at E3 2021

Audience sentiment during the announcement was modestly positive, with an overall sentiment score of 64/100. (Note: a score of 60 or higher is considered positive). However, impact sentiment was solidly positive at 73/100. 

The fact that impact sentiment was higher suggests that while some members of the audience may have come into the segment with a sour mood, meaningful conversation around the game was more likely to be favorable. 

Community brand safety during the Rocksmith+ segment was fair, with an overall content grade of C-. Notably, this score was brought down by the prevalence of sexual content, which received a grade of F. Toxicity was average (with a grade of C), and profanity was better than average (with a grade of B). After the announcement, overall safety of the conversation around the game improved, averaging a B+.

Additional insight into Rocksmith+ is available via the Spiketrap platform.



Koch Primetime Reactions Vary by Platform

Audience reactions to Koch Primetime during Summer Game fest varied wildly by platform. While audience sentiment among live stream participants was positive (at 67/100), sentiment on social channels fell within the neutral range (at 56/100). This was primarily driven by conversations on Reddit, where sentiment for the event was quite low, falling into the negative range at 16/100.

Notable moments that generated the most positive audience reactions included:

  • Final Form trailer (83/100 sentiment)
  • King’s Bounty trailer (81/100 sentiment)
  • Star’s Above first look (80/100 sentiment)
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Summer Game Fest Kickoff

Today’s Summer Game Fest Kickoff generated considerable audience engagement across social and streaming platforms. Total engagement neared 2 million, with over 1.3 million messages shared on Twitch live streams alone.

Overall, audience sentiment surrounding the event was quite positive, registering a 71/100 on streaming channels and an impressive 86/100 on social.

Notably, audience sentiment was particularly high during the following segments of the broadcast:

  • Japanese Breakfast’s performance (95)
  • Call of Duty: Warzone (94)
  • Two Point Campus (91)
  • Weezer’s performance (93)
  • Evil Dead: The Game (97)

Additional insights for the event are available via the Summer Game Fest Kickoff monitor on the Spiketrap platform.

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