Level up with contextual audience insights

Spiketrap Data Analytics Tool

Gain actionable understanding of your audience, community, creators, and competitors – delivered in real-time via AI-powered data analysis.

Spiketrap data analytics tool desktop screen - review audience insights

Access all your insights

curated into one comprehensive dashboard

Explore actionable audience insights for any brand, company, game, movie, event, franchise, and more – all in one visual data analytics dashboard, known as a Spiketrap Monitor.

Insights Include

spiketrap data analytics tool gaming analytics platform and insights dashboard
  • Comprehensive engagement stats

  • Accurate audience sentiment analysis

  • Impact metrics – eliminating noise and chatter

  • Livestream analytics and stats

  • Conversation analysis, with curated convo cards

  • Community brand safety grading

  • Feed-level metrics for deeper context

  • Top creator community analytics

  • Emote & emoji analysis
spiketrap cross-platform metrics
data analytics tool sources compilation image

Discover aggregated metrics

ingested from across 700+ sources

Insights are delivered in aggregate for a complete picture of engagement, as well as by source for a more nuanced understanding. Sources include social, streaming, videos, forums, news, and more. See feature details below.

Gain new competitive intelligence

driven by contextual audience understanding

See how you stack-up against your competitors with contextual analysis of audience conversation, head-to-head comparisons, leaderboards, related brand mentions, custom charts, and more.

Spiketrap gaming analytics dashboard mockup showing head to head competitive intelligence

Monitor what’s trending

track top industry topics across source channels

Monitor the conversations driving the most engagement across all sources through curated topical trending cards, and easily drill-down into related analytics and visual feed.

Identify the right creators

for your brand sponsorships and campaigns

Find new creators – or measure the success of your current sponsorships – with influencer leaderboards and creator-specific analytics. See audience and channel sentiment, lift drivers, top affinities, and more! 

Measure success

with custom reporting dashboards

Determine marketing and engagement campaign success with customizable reporting tools – delivering Spiketrap’s contextual insights for specific user-generated queries.

Request More Info

See the Spiketrap platform in action – and discover how we can help level up your impact.

Request More Info

See the Spiketrap platform in action – and discover how we can help level up your impact.

Why choose Spiketrap as your data analytics tool?

How do we stand out against other social listening and audience awareness tools? We’d love to tell you!
  • Leading AI-powered contextual technology. Our artificial intelligence tech, Clair AI, has been highly trained in natural language processing for user-generated content. Clair delivers real-time contextual analysis of audience engagement – without relying on keywords, cookies, or queries.

  • Unparalleled analytics in gaming and entertainment. Backed by our unmatched knowledge graph, which ingests data across the entirety of the gaming ecosystem, Clair AI is able to identify entities and their connections that others miss – delivering more comprehensive insights.

  • Accurate attribution of unstructured content. Highly-trained to understand specific nuances of audience conversation, our always-on tech can identify accurate attribution of subject matter – even when your brand is only indirectly mentioned.

  • Aggregation of data across disparate sources. With insights aggregated across social, streaming, news, forums, and more, we deliver a more comprehensive understanding of what conversations are driving lift – and why (that’s the context!).