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About Us

Spiketrap powers instant audience understanding by capturing intent and extracting meaning at scale, empowering creation and accelerating innovation for creators, platforms, and brands.

We are Spiketrap

Spiketrap is the conversation company powering instant audience understanding for the entertainment and video game industries.

Our proprietary Clair AI extracts the signal from the noise, automatically identifying conversations as they arise and providing clients with clear, actionable insight into what moves their audiences.

Whether monitoring an IP, a character, or a nuanced concept, Spiketrap captures the conversation, its impact, and true audience sentiment. Our automatic content attribution democratizes data, empowering individuals across the entire organization. Our always-on measurement accelerates speed to insight, helping teams move faster, make better decisions, and drive audience engagement.

With Spiketrap, creators, brands, and platforms have a clear, high-resolution view of their audiences and a deep understanding of ever-changing conversations.

Fast Facts

Founded 2016
Founders Kieran Seán Fitzpatrick
Virgilio Pigliucci
Andrea Vattani
Headquarters San Francisco, CA
Employees 20+
Offerings Audience intelligence
Contextual advertising
Brand safety monitoring
Competitive intelligence
Influencer media planning
Campaign impact reporting

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