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New Streams Tool: Comprehensive Livestream Analytics Dashboard

By |February 15, 2022|Categories: Feature Updates, Stream Insights|Tags: |

Today, more brands than ever use Twitch and YouTube Live as a key marketing channel – especially for influencer campaigns and sponsorships.  As with any campaign, when working with creators, brands need to ensure that 1) their messages go out through the right sources and 2) they have a way to determine campaign results. Spiketrap’s Stream Insights [...]


Conversation Analytics: Gain New Understanding of Streaming Audience Engagement

By |May 25, 2021|Categories: Feature Updates, Stream Insights|Tags: |

If you saw our recent post on the addition of Impact Metrics to our Stream Insights tool, you know Twitch set a new record for streaming viewership last month. We don’t predict the influx in live stream viewers will dissipate anytime soon, and analyzing live stream audience engagement gets progressively more complex.  With that in mind, we’re [...]


Discover the Value of Live Stream Audience Engagement: Stream Insights Impact Metrics

By |May 11, 2021|Categories: Feature Updates, Stream Insights|Tags: |

Livestream viewership for gaming platforms continues to skyrocket. According to StreamElements, Twitch alone saw over 2.1 billion hours of video watched in April 2021 – a record-breaking number, reflecting a 29% year-over-year growth for the platform. Spiketrap’s Stream Insights empowers developers, brands, and other gaming-adjacent entities to stay ahead of the growth in streaming through live stream [...]


Community Brand Safety Grades Now Available for Stream Reports

By |March 17, 2021|Categories: Feature Updates, Stream Insights|Tags: |

As part of our continued effort to help creators, agencies, and brands quickly understand the safety of live stream communities, we’ve expanded our Brand Safety Grading capabilities within the Spiketrap Stream Insights toolkit. Specifically, users will now find grades within a stream overview page – a dashboard that provides analysis of engagement, sentiment, and more on each [...]

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