Koch Primetime Reactions Vary by Platform

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Audience reactions to Koch Primetime during Summer Game fest varied wildly by platform. While audience sentiment among live stream participants was positive (at 67/100), sentiment on social channels fell within the neutral range (at 56/100). This was primarily driven by conversations on Reddit, where sentiment for the event was quite low, falling into the negative range at [...]


Summer Game Fest Kickoff

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Today’s Summer Game Fest Kickoff generated considerable audience engagement across social and streaming platforms. Total engagement neared 2 million, with over 1.3 million messages shared on Twitch live streams alone. Overall, audience sentiment surrounding the event was quite positive, registering a 71/100 on streaming channels and an impressive 86/100 on social. [...]


Audience Reactions to Battlefield 2042 Reveal

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EA's reveal for Battlefield 2042, which is slated to release in October of this year, generated significant conversation. Overall engagement across streaming and social channels neared 500K, with the bulk of activity taking place on YouTube. Overall, audience reactions were positive, with the game enjoying a sentiment score of 76/100 during the broadcast. [...]


Audiences React Positively to Day 1 of Guerrilla Collective Showcase

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Day 1 of the Guerrilla Collective Showcase was well received, with conversations across social channels yielding a rather positive sentiment score of 89/100, and conversations across streaming channels yielding a moderately positive sentiment score of 73/100. Stream sentiment reached an impressive 92 during a presentation of indie action & exploration games, suggesting strong [...]


Square Enix Presents & The Importance of Quality Engagement

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Square Enix Presents, Square Enix’s yearly gaming showcase, fared very well among viewers on several fronts this year. Impact sentiment, which is a measure of meaningful, conversation-driven messages, earned an impressive 90/100 score, indicating that the event resonated with audiences. Tomb Raider’s 25th anniversary generated the most buzz around viewers, with announcements including a Tomb Raider [...]


Looking Back: Audience Buzz Around The 2021 Grammy AwardsLoo

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Music fans of all genres tuned in to this week’s 63rd annual Grammy Awards show. Although the event was a bit different from the usual, it was still a star-studded affair full of colorful live performances interspersed between the awards. Let’s take a look into how audiences reacted. While viewership was lower than previous years, those who did [...]


Looking Back: Conversations Around Sony’s State of Play

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Online gaming showcases continue to excite fans, with Sony’s State of Play following events from Nintendo and Blizzard in previous weeks. During the stream, Sony revealed upcoming new titles, fan favorites coming to Playstation 5, and more. Today, we’re taking a look back to see which announcements hit a high note and created significant impact among audiences. [...]


Looking Back: Audience Reactions Around BlizzConline

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Alliance and Horde members alike came together this past weekend for Blizzard’s highly anticipated annual convention event. This year, the big show was all-virtual, hence the BlizzConline name, and included musical performances, an hour and a half opening ceremony full of announcements, and of course, deep dives into the studio’s current titles, including WoW, Diablo, Hearthstone, and Overwatch. [...]


Looking Back: Chatter Around This Week’s Nintendo Direct

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Earlier this week, Nintendo announced and held a Nintendo Direct, showcasing a myriad of titles slated for release in 2021. Today, we are delving into the conversations inspired by the event and sharing a few highlights. Let’s dive in! Pre-Event Chatter When Nintendo announced its upcoming Nintendo Direct, audience reactions were overwhelmingly positive, with a [...]


Looking Back: Super-Sized Conversations and a Mountain of Reactions for Big Game Advertisers

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Last week, over 100 million people tuned in for the the largest sporting — and advertising — event of the year. Whether people tuned in for their favorite team, a sense of tradition, the half-time show, or just the commercials, advertisers were tuned in to an avalanche of audience reactions. Today, we’re taking a look back at [...]

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