Summer of Gaming 2021


Audience Reactions to Battlefield 2042 Reveal

By |June 9, 2021|Categories: Live, Summer of Gaming 2021|

EA's reveal for Battlefield 2042, which is slated to release in October of this year, generated significant conversation. Overall engagement across streaming and social channels neared 500K, with the bulk of activity taking place on YouTube. Overall, audience reactions were positive, with the game enjoying a sentiment score of 76/100 during the broadcast. [...]


Audiences React Positively to Day 1 of Guerrilla Collective Showcase

By |June 7, 2021|Categories: Live, Summer of Gaming 2021|

Day 1 of the Guerrilla Collective Showcase was well received, with conversations across social channels yielding a rather positive sentiment score of 89/100, and conversations across streaming channels yielding a moderately positive sentiment score of 73/100. Stream sentiment reached an impressive 92 during a presentation of indie action & exploration games, suggesting strong [...]

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