Spiketrap 101: Defining Contextual Analysis

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The Value of Contextual-Based Marketing Solutions As marketers, building genuine connections with our audiences can often involve chasing the answers to big, sometimes even ambiguous questions.  However, perhaps the most important question to ask while seeking authentic understanding looks for the context behind audience behavior, and that question is simply: “Why?” The Big Questions [...]


Spiketrap 101: Data Sources

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Delivering comprehensive audience analytics for Spiketrap users starts with the continuous and real-time fetching of data from the platforms, sites, and channels driving online discussions – including otherwise untapped sources like Discord, Twitch, and TikTok. From these sources, we ingest everything from likes to video counts, livestream chats, comments, and more. Read on to learn more about [...]


Nine Ways Spiketrap Delivers Unparalleled Audience Sentiment Analysis

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In an increasingly digital world, where consumer conversations can spread rapidly across a multitude of channels and platforms, a truly comprehensive understanding of audience sentiment cannot be accomplished without AI-powered analysis and support. This is where tools like Spiketrap shine. Powered by our proprietary Clair AI, we specialize in delivering instant, accurate, and unparalleled analysis of online [...]


Spiketrap 101: What is Sentiment Analysis?

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Understanding audience sentiment helps build a deeper and more complete picture of the “why” behind consumer attitudes and behaviors.  However, audience sentiment analysis that delivers measurable, actionable, and contextual insights is where you can take your customer intelligence to the next level.  Defining Sentiment Analysis With audience sentiment defined as consumer perspective of and [...]


Spiketrap 101: How Our Knowledge Graph Powers Insights for Gaming & Entertainment

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It’s a well-known fact that data is growing at an exponential rate – and data within gaming and entertainment is no exception. More people than ever are identifying as gamers, live stream viewership is consistently on the rise, and the pandemic led to an increase in online social engagement on platforms like Discord and Twitch. As digital [...]


Sentiment Analysis FAQ

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What does audience sentiment refer to?  Broadly, audience sentiment is the consumer perspective of and/or feelings toward a brand, product, service, topic, campaign, or other entity. What is sentiment analysis? With audience sentiment defined as the consumer perspective of and/or feelings toward a brand, product, service, topic, campaign, or other entity, sentiment analysis is [...]


Spiketrap 101: What is a Monitor?

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If you've ever used Spiketrap’s audience intelligence and media solutions platform, you know that the collected analytics for a specific entity are referred to as “monitors.” But What is a Monitor? In short, monitors are concepts. At our founding, Spiketrap monitors were essentially equivalent to "intellectual property" – but we quickly realized that constricting [...]

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