Know Your Impact: Owned vs. Earned Tool

By |April 6, 2022|Categories: Feature Updates|Tags: , , |

Gaming and entertainment marketers can now better understand the impact of owned social and streaming channels with the new Owned vs. Earned tool within the Spiketrap analytics platform. Owned vs. Earned User Benefits With Spiketrap’s Owned vs. Earned tool, users are empowered to: Compare the performance of [...]


Trending Topics: Elden Ring, Witcher & More

By |March 24, 2022|Categories: Insights, Trending: Gaming Topics & News|

The Latest & Greatest Video Game News We’re back with more highlights on audience reactions to recent trending stories that have been driving significant engagement within the gaming community. In this post, we cover Elden Ring’s reception since last month’s release and the announcement for the next Witcher [...]


New: Custom Reporting for Exclusive Sources

By |March 22, 2022|Categories: Discord Insights, Feature Updates|Tags: , , |

Visual Analytics Reporting for Discord, Facebook & Instagram Quickly and easily pull strategic analytics reports for channels like Discord, Facebook, and Instagram through the new addition of Exclusive Sources reporting within Spiketrap’s Custom Reporting Portal. Exclusive Sources refer to user-owned profiles integrated within Spiketrap at the user’s discretion. Through [...]


Spiketrap 101: Data Sources

By |March 18, 2022|Categories: Spiketrap 101|

Delivering comprehensive audience analytics for Spiketrap users starts with the continuous and real-time fetching of data from the platforms, sites, and channels driving online discussions – including otherwise untapped sources like Discord, Twitch, and TikTok. From these sources, we ingest everything from likes to video counts, livestream chats, comments, [...]


Top Brands on Twitch: February 2022

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Which brands generated the strongest and most positive conversations with Twitch viewers in February? See the top 20 brands discussed on Twitch in February 2022 below, ranked by an index score combining mention volume and sentiment. You will also find a list of the top 5 brands eliciting positive [...]


TikTok Analytics Now Available Through Spiketrap

By |March 8, 2022|Categories: Announcements, Feature Updates|Tags: , |

There are more than 1 billion videos viewed on TikTok every day, with engagement rates reportedly higher than any other social media app. Accordingly, the platform is opportunely ripe with undiscovered audience intelligence. Through a new beta integration of TikTok as a source within our analytics platform, Spiketrap is [...]


Nine Ways Spiketrap Delivers Unparalleled Audience Sentiment Analysis

By |March 3, 2022|Categories: Spiketrap 101|Tags: , |

In an increasingly digital world, where consumer conversations can spread rapidly across a multitude of channels and platforms, a truly comprehensive understanding of audience sentiment cannot be accomplished without AI-powered analysis and support. This is where tools like Spiketrap shine. Powered by our proprietary Clair AI, we specialize in [...]


Trending Topics: Elden Ring, Respawn Star Wars Games & Halo TV Show

By |February 24, 2022|Categories: Insights, Trending: Gaming Topics & News|

While gaming acquisitions and major sporting events have stolen the headlines in recent weeks, other top trending news stories have been driving significant engagement within the gaming community. So, let’s skip past topics like Super Bowl LVI or Sony’s plans to acquire Bungie (which you can read more about [...]


Now Analyzing Dutch Conversations, Convo Cards Available for More Languages

By |February 23, 2022|Categories: Feature Updates|Tags: |

In an effort to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of global gaming audiences, Spiketrap continuously expands our support of conversation analytics for different languages. With our most recent update, users can now access engagement and sentiment analytics for Dutch audiences, as well as see Spiketrap conversation cards and [...]

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