Positivity in Perspective: Top Conversations from Q4 2020

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From minor updates with major appeal to immersive theme parks, the video game industry gave fans numerous moments to celebrate in Q4 of 2020. Let’s explore the stories that inspired high velocity, positive conversations in our final installment of Positivity in Perspective: 2020. October Small features can generate considerable [...]


Positivity in Perspective: Q3 2020

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In keeping with the adage that the show must go on, publishers turned to digital events in the summer of 2020 to showcase their upcoming titles, generating a cacophony of conversations. Thus, it is not surprising that the most engaging positive conversations during the time period were particularly diverse. [...]


Positivity in Perspective: Top Conversations from Q2 2020

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For many, video games provide entertainment, escapism, and social connectivity. This was particularly true in the Spring of 2020, when people were first coming to terms with what a pandemic meant for their lives. Despite the tenor of the moment, people found reprieve through gaming in Q2 of 2020. [...]


Positivity in Perspective: Top Conversations in Gaming in 2020 — Q1

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Amid the onslaught of headlines in 2020, the video game industry offered audiences moments of respite. Whether exploring advancements in VR, enjoying life debt-free on a low population island, living the life of a superhero, or kicking friends off a spaceship, games offered people both escapism and social connectivity [...]


Measuring the Conversation: The Game Awards

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Each year, The Game Awards celebrates the best in the video game industry, with nominees selected by a robust committee of industry veterans. While some of the games nominated are beloved titles whose fanfare and traditional success metrics are irrefutable, others pique our collective curiosity, calling on us to [...]


Spiketrap Launches Review Summary Dashboard in Beta

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What inspires your users to leave a 5-star review, and what drives them to give a 1-star rating? Discovering the answers is easier than ever with Spiketrap’s new Review Summary Dashboard, now available in beta! Within the Review Summary Dashboard, Spiketrap clients have unparalleled insight into video game reviews. Specifically, [...]


Sony PlayStation State of Play: August 2020

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Playstation’s latest State of Play stream had a lot of exciting news and previews of games coming soon. One highly anticipated game available this holiday season is Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. This latest update in the franchise takes you on a journey with Crash and Coco, including a [...]

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