Elevating Brand Safety Measurement

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At Spiketrap, we believe that nurturing positive audience experiences begins with audience understanding. Whether finding the signal from the noise of online chatter or gauging the sentiment of those conversations, driving understanding at scale — and in real-time — is central to what we do. Monitoring conversation safety is [...]


Measurement Beyond the Frame: Assessing the Safety of Influencer Communities

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Brand-Content Creator Partnerships Are Increasingly Risky Business opportunities between brands and content creators are more lucrative than ever. According to Stream Hatchet’s Live Game Streaming Trends report, audiences spent an average of 97 million hours watching live streams every day in 2021. Twitch streams alone garnered 6.3 million hours [...]


Top Brands Discussed on Twitch: April 6, 2021

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This week, Lego created superhero chatter, AT&T got political, and Pepsi made a splash with Peeps and Kpop. To see the brands that are driving the most positive engagement, conversations, and shifts among audience attention on Twitch, check out our previous posts. Here are the top brands discussed on Twitch [...]


Top Brands Discussed on Twitch: March 30, 2021

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Top Brands on Twitch examines the brands most discussed on the streaming platform each week, and explores the drive behind the shifts in their rankings. Advertisers can utilize these reviews to gather competitive intel and better understand what resonates with audiences, while content creators and agencies can identify brand [...]


Square Enix Presents & The Importance of Quality Engagement

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Square Enix Presents, Square Enix’s yearly gaming showcase, fared very well among viewers on several fronts this year. Impact sentiment, which is a measure of meaningful, conversation-driven messages, earned an impressive 90/100 score, indicating that the event resonated with audiences. Tomb Raider’s 25th anniversary generated the most buzz [...]


Top Brands Discussed on Twitch: March 23, 2021

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Today, we are introducing a new weekly feature capturing the top brands discussed on Twitch and identifying what is driving these audience affinities. Each brand’s composite score is based on a combination of both engagement (chat) volume and brand sentiment. This composite index allows us to understand the positivity [...]

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