Fostering a Safer & More Positive Internet

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As the internet continually brings people closer, we must all strive to make those experiences better and safer. To celebrate Safer Internet Day today, let’s take a moment to reflect how the insights industry can help power safer online environments. Creating Safer Environments Creating safer online environments first requires reliably identifying and measuring unsafe behavior. [...]


Spiketrap and Partner to Empower Creator Economy with Unparalleled Audience Insights

By |November 10, 2021|Categories: Announcements|

Contextualization analytics platform Spiketrap and have announced an exclusive partnership focused on providing the creator economy with the right tools and insights to facilitate safe and effective collaboration between brands and creators. According to eMarketer, over the past year, influencer marketing has surged to become a nearly $10 billion industry, with top marketers expected to increase [...]


Spiketrap and Rival Technologies Partnership Accelerates Insights for Market Research Industry

By |October 27, 2021|Categories: Announcements|

Contextualization analytics platform Spiketrap and Rival Technologies Inc., the world-leading mobile market research platform, have announced a partnership that empowers researchers to effortlessly gain deeper, quantitative insights from qualitative datasets. Today, the $75 billion market research industry is growing at a 5.3% compound annual growth rate, as noted by the Market Research Services Global Market Report. Machine [...]


Upcoming Webinar: Reach Gaming Audiences Through Predictive Audiences

By |September 20, 2021|Categories: Events|

Gaming is universal, but its audiences are highly fragmented. To help advertisers reach the right audiences at scale, Comscore and Spiketrap are hosting a webinar on gaming predictive audiences later this month! Designed for any advertiser looking for a contextual, cookie-free solution for reaching gaming audiences, this session will cover: How new gaming segments are ready for [...]


Driving Deeper Community Understanding with Discord Insights from Spiketrap

By |August 10, 2021|Categories: Discord Insights, Feature Updates|

Every day, millions of people chat with one another across an ever-increasing plethora of Discord servers. Now, the owners of those communities can unlock deeper audience and community understanding with Discord Insights from Spiketrap. Like other conversation contextualization capabilities offered on the platform, Spiketrap’s new Discord insights offering empowers community managers with: Server-wide insights. Get at-a-glance clarity [...]


Top Brands Discussed on Twitch: August 9th, 2021

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As the frequency of summer gaming announcements subsides and marketers ramp their back-to-school campaigns, which brands are generating the strongest, positive conversations on Twitch? This week, a few top publishing brands saw modest increases in audience sentiment, further strengthening the hold that Sony, Nintendo, and Disney have at the top of our rankings. Notable losers of the [...]


E3 2021: Day 3 Highlights

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Audience sentiment fell a bit during day 3 of E3 2021. Overall sentiment on social channels rests at 68/100, which is down 12 points from yesterday. Similarly, overall sentiment on streaming platforms now rests at 63/100, which is down 7 points from yesterday. Top conversations discussed today have included: Anticipation around Super Smash [...]


E3 2021: Day 2 Highlights

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Top level audience sentiment was a bit higher today on social channels, registering at 80/100 on social platforms and 70/100 on streaming. Notable conversations discussed today have included: Microsoft & Bethesda showcase (79/100 sentiment) Square Enix & Marvel (58/100 sentiment) Square Enix & Final Fantasy (69/100 sentiment) Halo Infinite Multiplayer (91/100 sentiment) Hades [...]


Highlights from the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase

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Audience reactions for the event were positive, enjoying an overall audience sentiment score of 82/100 on social channels and 76/100 in live chat environments. A few of the top conversations surrounding the Xbox & Bethesda showcase today have included: Starfield (77/100 sentiment) Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer (95/100 sentiment) Battlefield 2042 gameplay (91/100 sentiment) [...]


E3 2021: Day 1 Highlights

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Audience reactions to E3 2021 across social channels was solidly positive, with an overall sentiment score of 79/100 and an impact sentiment score that closely followed suit at 76/100. Meanwhile, top level audience sentiment was modestly positive on streaming platforms at 68/100. Notably, impact sentiment on streaming channels was higher at 77/100, bringing it to parity with [...]

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