Spiketrap 101: What is a Monitor?

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If you've ever used Spiketrap’s audience intelligence and media solutions platform, you know that the collected analytics for a specific entity are referred to as “monitors.” But What is a Monitor? In short, monitors are concepts. At our founding, Spiketrap monitors were essentially equivalent to "intellectual property" – but we quickly realized that constricting [...]


Discord User Insights: Continuously Improved Analytics, Enriched Community Understanding

By |September 28, 2021|Categories: Discord Insights, Feature Updates|

Today, there are over 15 million active Discord users and 4 billion server conversation minutes daily. If you’re a Discord server manager, keeping track of trending discussions across multiple channels – especially with the goal of analyzing and understanding the topics that are most important to your users – can often feel like an overwhelming task.  But [...]


New Endpoints for Spiketrap Influencer API

By |June 29, 2021|Categories: Feature Updates, Spiketrap API|

Integrating contextually relevant influencer analytics into your preferred marketing dashboards is now easier than ever with Spiketrap’s newest Influencer API endpoints. Launched earlier this month, our Influencer API is used to pull insights on authors promoted to influencer status within our platform. Spiketrap provides unified analytics for influencers, connecting their impact across platforms (such as Twitch, Twitter, [...]


Spiketrap API Integration: Easier Than Ever With API Documentation Page Upgrades

By |June 15, 2021|Categories: Feature Updates, Spiketrap API|

Spiketrap continually improves areas related to our API in order to ensure our users can easily integrate the insights they need.  Our most recent update improves the integration experience through upgrades to our documentation portal, which now provides: Easy access token generation  Quick navigation pane Changelog with the latest updates These enhancements streamline the integration process and [...]


Spiketrap Creator Analytics, Your Dashboard: New Influencer API

By |June 1, 2021|Categories: Feature Updates, Spiketrap API|

Spiketrap users can now integrate our exclusive creator and influencer metrics directly within their preferred marketing dashboard with the addition of our new Influencer API. Spiketrap is designed to deliver measurable and actionable insights of high velocity user-generated content environments. Our intuitive platform and dashboards provide the most comprehensive view of authentic audience engagement to creators, brands, [...]


Discover the Value of Live Stream Audience Engagement: Stream Insights Impact Metrics

By |May 11, 2021|Categories: Feature Updates|

Livestream viewership for gaming platforms continues to skyrocket. According to StreamElements, Twitch alone saw over 2.1 billion hours of video watched in April 2021 – a record-breaking number, reflecting a 29% year-over-year growth for the platform. Spiketrap’s Stream Insights empowers developers, brands, and other gaming-adjacent entities to stay ahead of the growth in streaming through live stream [...]


Stream Engagement Insights Now Available for All Twitch Supported Languages

By |March 30, 2021|Categories: Feature Updates|

Twitch remains the most popular live streaming platform in the world, with over 9.5 million streams broadcast through Twitch in February 2021 alone. While English streams account for more than 50% of streams on the platform today, Twitch streamers are able to select from over 30 primary languages.  Spiketrap aims to provide comprehensive engagement analytics, and today [...]

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