Now Delivering Insights for Over 170 New Sources

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Gaming audiences engage across a variety of online sites and communities, and Spiketrap now captures more of that activity than ever before. With the integration of 170 new sources within our gaming analytics platform, we have expanded our coverage of the gaming ecosystem in order to deliver a more fully comprehensive scope of audience insights. Specifically, this [...]


Top Brands on Twitch: April 2022

By |May 6, 2022|Categories: Insights, Top Brands on Twitch|

Which brands generated the strongest and most positive conversations with Twitch viewers in April? See the most recent rankings for the Top Brands Discussed on Twitch below, ranked using Spiketrap’s exclusive twitch chat stats and insights. Our top brands index score is computed based on volume of mentions and Spiketrap sentiment score. We also highlight the top [...]


Trending Topics: Sonic Origins & Apple Removing Outdated Apps

By |April 28, 2022|Categories: Insights, Trending: Gaming Topics & News|

Which stories have been driving significant engagement within the gaming community? And why? In this post, we cover audience reactions to the news that Apple is removing outdated apps and games from the App Store, as well as the announcement of Sonic Origins. Relevant audience metrics provided for these stories include sentiment analysis, engagement numbers, top related [...]


Additional Audience Language Support for Discord Insights

By |April 26, 2022|Categories: Discord Insights, Feature Updates|Tags: |

Spiketrap’s Discord Insights Tool now offers support for French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish conversation analytics – delivering a broader scope of Discord audience intelligence to users! With this update, Discord communities with members communicating in these five languages can now discover insights on how these user segments feel, think, and interact with their brand.  Read on [...]


Spiketrap 101: Defining Contextual Analysis

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The Value of Contextual-Based Marketing Solutions As marketers, building genuine connections with our audiences can often involve chasing the answers to big, sometimes even ambiguous questions.  However, perhaps the most important question to ask while seeking authentic understanding looks for the context behind audience behavior, and that question is simply: “Why?” The Big Questions [...]


Global Custom Reporting: Industry-Wide Gaming Insights

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Spiketrap users can now discover audience insights and trends across the gaming and entertainment ecosystem with the new Global Custom Reporting tool – part of our continuously innovated Custom Reporting Portal. Custom Reporting at Spiketrap takes a unique user-created query and delivers a visual analytics dashboard showcasing metrics including: audience sentiment, brand safety, engagement, and more. [...]


Top Brands on Twitch: March 2022

By |April 8, 2022|Categories: Insights, Top Brands on Twitch|

Which brands generated the strongest and most positive conversations with Twitch viewers in March? See the top 20 brands discussed on Twitch in March 2022 below, ranked by an index score combining mention volume and sentiment. You will also find a list of the top 5 brands eliciting positive sentiment with viewers, as well as the top [...]


Know Your Impact: Owned vs. Earned Tool

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Gaming and entertainment marketers can now better understand the impact of owned social and streaming channels with the new Owned vs. Earned tool within the Spiketrap analytics platform. Owned vs. Earned User Benefits With Spiketrap’s Owned vs. Earned tool, users are empowered to: Compare the performance of content posted in connection to company accounts (owned [...]


Trending Topics: Elden Ring, Witcher & More

By |March 24, 2022|Categories: Insights, Trending: Gaming Topics & News|

The Latest & Greatest Video Game News We’re back with more highlights on audience reactions to recent trending stories that have been driving significant engagement within the gaming community. In this post, we cover Elden Ring’s reception since last month’s release and the announcement for the next Witcher installment. Spiketrap’s AI monitors in real-time for trending [...]


New: Custom Reporting for Exclusive Sources

By |March 22, 2022|Categories: Discord Insights, Feature Updates|Tags: , , |

Visual Analytics Reporting for Discord, Facebook & Instagram Quickly and easily pull strategic analytics reports for channels like Discord, Facebook, and Instagram through the new addition of Exclusive Sources reporting within Spiketrap’s Custom Reporting Portal. Exclusive Sources refer to user-owned profiles integrated within Spiketrap at the user’s discretion. Through this optional integration, users gain access to data [...]

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