How well do you really know your customer?


Leverage conversation insights in realtime and on massive scale

Spiketrap’s AI-powered consumer intelligence platform helps global brands make better, more informed decisions, based on audience conversation. Our real-time data allows you to analyze brand perception, campaign performance, and identify trends from the most robust collection of data sources specific to the video game and entertainment industries.


Businesses work in real-time and so do we! Spiketrap empowers your company with real-time consumer insights. You no longer have to be reactive to your audience’s sentiment, but can see where the conversation is going, and make critical forward looking decisions with the most current and accurate information.


Understand audience conversation without ever having to run a Boolean search again! Spiketrap connects the dots between relevant content from data sources in the industry to the appropriate entity. Our AI is able to distinguish between real life sports, video games, or other franchises, even if they have the same name!

Real Data. Real Conversation. Real Time.


How much are you being talked about? Measure and track the volume of conversation around any video game, movie, television show, or any entertainment related product or event, in real-time. Analyze your share of voice, benchmark competitors, identify trends, using data to make better decisions.

Smart Conversations

What is the community saying about you? We identify, classify, and group all organic conversations with similar subject matter so you know what your audience is saying across all sources. Highest engagement topics automatically bubble to the surface so you can immediately identify topics driving the vast majority of the discussion.


Human level accuracy in the palm of your hands! Spiketrap has built and refined the only machine learning AI-Driven platform designed from the ground up to provide truly accurate sentiment as expressed in the nuanced, growing, and ever evolving language of the video game and entertainment industries.

Competitive Intelligence

Know what is driving the overall industry discussion! Spiketrap provides analysis for your entire industry, which allows you to understand your competitor’s audience as well as your own.

Influencer Analysis

Discover who is making an impact on your brand. Understand how an influencer is engaging with your community across all platforms through a tweet, video or stream. Track and analyze how your brand partnerships are performing.

Spam Detection

We filter out the noise, allowing you to focus on the relevant conversation that matters.

Empower and Accelerate Your Entire Organization