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Every creative endeavor is unique, and each audience communicates differently. Maximize your understanding of your audience with Spiketrap while increasing your time-to-action via data-driven decisions.

Spiketrap is your data partner to seamlessly collect, store, and visualize critical user-generated content from across the internet. We monitor, measure, and help you manage the ebbs and flows of unfiltered discussions in order to improve your development decisions.

Industry Experience + Artificial Intelligence

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Forget what you know about queries

Writing queries is a thing of the past. Spiketrap identifies conversations around your property, even if not mentioned by name.

Structured and Organic discovery

Have the freshest info on hand at all times. Spiketrap's catalogue learns as new hashtags, nicknames, and acronyms emerge.

Get accurate emotional responses

Spiketrap approaches human-level* accuracy in assessing sentiment as it continues to evolve online.

Pay Attention at scale

Always on - Always paying attention: Spiketrap never sleeps, freeing you to think strategically about what matters most.

See trends where others will not

Spiketrap's unique visualizations paint the picture. Conversations are more than tag clouds and long-tail content can be as important as a spike in a topic.

Bring fuzzy edges into focus

A likes B, but not C. Spiketrap finds complex affinity intersections, opening up marketing avenues and increased revenue.

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