One Platform To Rule Them All

Spiketrap bridges the last gap between your customer and your product: news, forums, social media, and the open internet.
Spiketrap is the synthesis of artificial intelligence, unique visualizations, and a mature indexing infrastructure.

We have an immense curiosity to understand both the overall trends and subtle nuances of conversation.

Your customers are talking about brands... but what are they saying... how do they feel?
How can knowing these answers impact your decisions?

Spiketrap's thesis is that you can be a better gambler by lowering your variance...
or, that the more you know, the better your decisions.

True Sentiment

You intuitively know the difference between -
"This game is the shit!" and "This game is shit!"
So does Spiketrap.

Spiketrap's sentiment classifier is built from the ground up - the combined result of expertise in machine learning and 20+ years in the gaming and entertainment industry.


Spiketrap distills passionate and nuanced discussions across multiple sources into human readable conversations - not just tag clouds. These are immediately actionable and serve as a heartbeat for the health of your product or brand.

Correct Attribution

Your time is better spent thinking through your data, not wading through it. Spiketrap correctly identify discussions concerning your latest product, release, or whatever's next. No more keyword searching, building queries, huge csv uploads, or maintaining multiple dashboards.

It shouldn't feel like gambling

Our customers...

Make Informed Decisions

Reduce Risks, Increase ROI

Understand True Engagement

Act Quickly

Gaming and Entertainment Are Just The Beginning!

We've started with the passionate and nuanced discussions around gaming and entertainment... But we know deep analysis of conversations shouldn't be limited to a single vertical.

Our long-term goal is to find unique cross-sections of interest and passionate online discussion to help you connect better with all of your customers.

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